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Troy & Lee provide real conversation about what not to miss, what to eat and what to avoid in cities around the world .  After all, why would you go there ?

Apr 27, 2018

Troy, Lee, and their better halves discuss cruising the open waters!

Apr 19, 2018

Lee & Troy explore London's castles & bridges, and discuss the correct pronunciation of the river 'Thames'.

09:36 The Tower of London

10:44 Lee Felt As Though He Was at Home

11:49 The Tower of London Finally

12:46 Viatore - Entered the Tower

14:46 Lee Was Not That Smart

16:22 The Tower Bridge

18:22 Buckingham Palace

Apr 13, 2018

Lee & Troy recall all the gory details of a 4 day, 4 friend, 3 city, 3 football game road trip.

Apr 12, 2018

Troy and Lee discuss their favorite city: Rome - Art, History, and A Liter Of Vino

Apr 5, 2018

Troy and Lee discuss their trips to the Big Apple.