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Troy & Lee provide real conversation about what not to miss, what to eat and what to avoid in cities around the world .  After all, why would you go there ?

Aug 30, 2018

Lee & Troy get 'deep in the heart of Texas' as they 'Remember the Alamo'.

Aug 23, 2018

What does South Dakota have to offer? The Badlands, Mount Rushmore, the town of Deadwood....I'd say 'Plenty'!

Aug 16, 2018

Credit card points and loyalty programs. Lee & Troy discuss everything from free hotel stays to reduced First Class airfare to free cruises. Find out how & why Lee travels so frequently and for so cheap.

Aug 10, 2018

Troy & Lee talk about Puerto Rico's fabulous Caribbean forts. Troy tells you all the reason he wants to retire there.

Aug 2, 2018

Lee & Troy give some insight into the Big Easy, including great food, the French Quarter and that oh so magnificent aroma.